Mar 23

Market on the Move (MOM)

3000-club-mkt-on-the-moveMarket On The Move (organized by The 3000 Club) provides a farmers’ market atmosphere at various locations throughout metro Phoenix and Tucson areas where partners and supporters of this program can come on a regular basis and make their $10 donation to receive up to 60 lbs. of fresh produce.

It’s almost like a very cheap, traveling farmers market. When farmers and grocery stores have too much food, they don’t want to throw it away so they sell it to Market on the Move.

Keep in mind, the produce is ripe, so you won’t be able to store it for long.  But for the price, it’s worth sharing with friends and family — or dehydrate or can it to add to your preps.

The events are every Saturday from 7 a.m.-10 a.m. at locations around Phoenix and/or Tucson metro between Nov and early Jun. There are even a few events scheduled outside the major metro areas between now and June 1, 2013  in Sierra Vista, Chinle and Anthem.

Just give a $10 donation at the host site you visit and you’ll get a box of up to 60 lbs of produce. If you donate $50, you receive 6 certificates (so an extra visit) and they have a $100 annual plan too.

Just remember the food goes quickly, so arrive early. There is no need to pre-register or pre-donate online but be prepared to wait in line and have some water or fluids handy during warmer months.

Learn more and watch a few videos about Market on the Move’s process here … or click here to find MOM distribution locations, dates, and times.

The 3000 Club is a non-profit charitable organization with a 501(c)3 status working with Borderlands Food Bank, Valley View Food Bank, Feeding Arizona and other non-profit organizations. Every year, The 3000 Club members, supporters and volunteers help to –

• Rescue about 30 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Distribute over $45,000,000 worth of produce.
• Provide over 23 million meals.
• Help more than 460,000 families in need.
• Distribute fresh produce to more than 300 food banks and agencies across Arizona and throughout the United States.

Learn more at http://the3000club.org