Jun 29

Modern-day preppers prepare for the unexpected

Our thanks to Irene Messina at Tucson Weekly for including Arizona Preppers Network in her article. 

tucson weekly 27jun2013Modern-day preppers prepare for the unexpected, even if doomsday never comes

by Irene Messina

It’s another hot evening in the Old Pueblo as you sit in your air-conditioned home, drinking a cold beverage while watching satellite television. Suddenly the TV goes off, the lights fade to black and all appliances stop running. Normally, service is repaired in a few hours, but what if it takes days, weeks or months?

While this is the plot of NBC’s Revolution—a J.J. Abrams’ adventure that explores what life would be like if the power went out—it’s a reality that preppers plan for, both physically and mentally.

The term prepper is perhaps a softer word for survivalist. As Tucson prepper Todd explains, “Survivalism got a really dirty name in the ’80s, where the archetype was a camo-clad Bible thumper who lives in the woods with a pile of firearms.”

Todd defines a prepper as someone who makes preparations to outlive or outlast any number of man-made or natural disasters. “Modern-day preppers run the gamut. There are people interested in gardening, hydroponics, aquaculture, canning … there is no one cookie-cutter description of a prepper.”  …   Continue reading on TucsonWeekly.com 


  1. JQP @ End Notes

    Nice article. Thanks for the link. I was just reading about an expo in Arizona that took place in a hangar.

    1. itsadisaster

      Thank you and that may have been Arizona Survivalist / Prepper Expo held at Scottsdale’s Commemorative Air Force Museum. They’ve had several shows around the state since Apr 2012 launch .. and Expo planned in Prescott Aug 24, 2013. (I’ll be posting that event here soon.) Learn more at https://arizonasurvivalistshow.com and thanks for stopping by! itsa / j

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